Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aston Martin

Here's an Aston Martin I modeled out in Maya.

HalfLife2 Scene

Here's another level me and Serozh Sarkisyan worked on.


I started out by painting the concept and blocking it out in 3D. I again used Z Brush for the ground and the main buildings to give it that cartoony style I was going for in my initial concept. I used a direct light source and tweaked it until i got the shadows right.

Nox Camp

I created this scene by painting out the concept in my head. I than blocked it out in 3D Max using simple geometry objects. I played a lot with Z Brush in this scene and it proved most useful for the terrain. Most of my textures are hand painted.

Here was a huge scene modeled in 3D Max with Mental Rey as well.

Dirty Room

This was modeled and textured in 3D max using Mental Rey.


Here's a level me and my friend created in the Unreal Editor.

The floating pod was inspired by the Shield Scanner robot in Half Life2: Rising the Bar [pg. 83]

Crashed Ship

Here's a high poly asset I modeled and textured in 3D Max.

Bio Shock Props

Here's several props I modeled in Max. I created high poly models in Z Brush and projected them onto the lower ones to get that cool look.

Bio Shock Robot

Here's a robot I built from the ground up using a multitude of applications.
I was inspired by Bio Shock and had a great time coming up with the concept. I first started with doodles and notes then finished painted him up in Photoshop.

I modeled him in Maya with a tri count of around 10,000.

I used two 2k map to texture his face and body. I hand painted his diffuse maps and used the Nvidia Tools package to obtain my normal maps.